camel races in dubaiCamel races in Dubai hold a very significant position in the culture of the country. In the past camels were used, not only for the purpose of racing. They were a major source off meet, clothing, milk and storage of water. Camel races in Dubai and the nearby places we’re also apart of the Arabic wedding culture. In the olden times, camel races were held on all almost all major ceremonies.

Camel racing history

Nowadays, along with horse races, camel racing has also scene a huge fan base. The camel racing history goes deep back in the olden Times when almost every home in the Arab culture had their own small farms where both camels and horses were bred and taken extreme care of.

سباق الجمال

As time passed more and more people including the errors showed greater interest in camel racing, سباق الجمال and horse racing events. do you do that gambling on these races also came into effect. although no forms of gambling is allowed in Dubai and other nearby Islamic states but still many bookmakers have made offshore setups to quench the thirst of gamblers.

Many well known and well established bookmakers like betway, bet365, 888 casino are very popular.  Alle this bookmakers and bwin or betfair  have been observed to offer there services regarding camel racing events.

Camel races in Dubai

camel races in dubaiThe Meydan racecourse is the most popular location when it comes to camel races in Dubai ( مقدمة عن سباقات الهجن العربية الاصيلة). Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to this place and experience the best ever time of their life while watching camel racing at the Meydan racecourse.

As mentioned earlier, gambling in Dubai and nearby Arabic Islamic stares is forbidden. Due to the fact that the teachings of Islam do not allow gambling at all. Therefore the governments have strict laws in place to discourage gambling. But still this does not mean that the Muslims do not gamble.

There are some penalties for anyone that is found involved in gambling practices. These penalties include heavy fines for the locals. Whereas the foreigners are immediately deported back to their respective countries of origin.

Camel racing

In short, the local Arabs still have their love for camel races in Dubai.  Many of them are seen too place bets through the help of offshore online platforms. It can be easily seen on the Internet that transactions worth millions of dollars take place everyday on bets related to camel racing and horse racing. therefore be very careful while selecting the online gambling platform and make your bets.