Camel Races

Camel RacesSince a long and ancient time, Arab knew the camel races. The citizens in Arab Gulf Region in general and citizens of United Arab Emirates rely on their camels and they are an essential aspect in their life as the depend on it during their travels and when they are at home as they depend on it the main source of feeding. The Bedwin is in love of his camel so he highly concerned about its breeding, genealogy, pedigrees, besides his concern in participating in the seasonal races of the camels, Normally such races seasons starts in all United Arab Emirates at the beginning of October every year, as all those racing yards witness strong competitions to win the great prizes dedicated for each race separately.

Races of the Genuine Arab Camels

The Races of the Genuine Arab Camels are considered as the most popular and public races for UAE citizens, due to their exciting and challenging nature, and as an activation to the people heritage. The race camel is distinguished from the other types of camels by many important specifications and features that give them priority in speed, some of such specifications are:
Slim body, tall body, Long legs (especially the rear legs) small foot, long neck and small nose
United Arab Emirates gives high consideration to the camel racing, because it is one of our public recognized traditions inherited in the public heritage series.

Those races, which are continuously and periodically organized, had great consideration and are financially and corporeally supported, and that was encouraged by Late H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan (mercy be upon him) and H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan- may Allah preserve him, and his brothers members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of the Emirates.

Camel races in Dubai

The camel races are conducted in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi according to the annual program set and prepared by the UAE Union for camel races in Dubai in the period from ,id of October and proceed till about the end of March every year.   This sport now attracts great numbers of tourists and residents in UAE, who are curious to know and identify all its kinds and ways of dealing with the camel and that enjoy a lot of tourists.  At the world side this sport starts to attracts the interest of many European countries, where three successful races were organized in Australia on the years 1998, 1999 and 2000. That race was made (Royal Wald Week Square, and many Australian camel riders participated in it .

Camel Races Union

In Germany it was made in 1997. The Camel Races Union contributed by establishing a racetrack for the camel racing In Hashimate Jordanian Kingdom on 2008.  United Arab Emirates was the first country to organize a race for the genuine Arab camels and it allocated in-kind and financial prizes for the winners, and that motivated the people to be more interested in camels and motivated them to create genuine races and consider their food, health, training and follow up to their camels.

Camel races in United Arab Emirates

The camel sports became a true expression for faithfulness and respect to the past and heritage embodied by the Genuine Arab Camels, and that interpret the great position and increasing interest and consideration to that sport So this sport is not now limited to the local or regional boundaries but it became a public domain. It is now honored by dedicating an annual cash prize for the camel races called Grand Zayed Prize for the camel races in United Arab Emirates. That great honor made a great thrust to this sport and it made great successes and became the focus of interest for many categories.

Arab camel

The Genuine Arab Camel Races shifted from limited and narrow stages to higher levels and more comprehensive spread. The forms and patterns of the camel races developed and with that development the genuine Arab camel remain with their genuineness and distinct privacy, due to the care of Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may Allah mercy him- in preserving the genuine Arab dynasties and developing and improving them. As a natural result of that consideration and great care of such races, the youth competed in that matter and came back to consider the heritage of their fathers and practice it in all types and kinds.

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