Camel Racing

Camel RacingCamel racing has taken has taken a long leap ahead of many other racing sports in the world nowadays. Camel races have become the most popular sport all over the world.  Mostly this sport is mainly popular in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai camel racing live and Egypt. You can find it also in  Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Australia, and Mongolia.

Camel Racing History

The camel racing history has its roots long before the 1970’s, however, it became quite noticed in the 1970’s and onwards. Basically camel races was considered purely as a source of entertainment among the locals in the UAE but with the passage of time it flourished to a proper business.

Camel Racing Qatar

Nowadays, camelracing Qatar is seen as a very lucrative business prospect. That offers very high rewards along with good money both to the business and everyone else related to it. People who love to attend and watch camelraces try to be a part of this fabulous sporting event. More and more camel jockey have been observed to try to participate in camel races events. Main reason behind camel jockey to try to be a part of this event is due to high pay outs being offered to them.

Camel races in Dubai

When looking at camel races in Dubai culture, it can be seen that it has its deep roots. All the locals here have well prepared stables where camels are fed with the best available feed. They are trained by professional trainers so they can be of the best entertainment.
Similarly, camel racing in UAE Qatar also has its deep roots in almost all the locals. Here where camels are taken extreme care right from their birth. They are then kept under deep scrutiny. So they prepare the best performing animals in the camelracing game.
In almost all camel racing events, camel racing robot have been noticed to be used in these events. But as time passed this tradition was replaced by small children being used as camel jockey.

Camel racing robot

However, it was reported that these small children were being subject to child abuse therefore after immense pressure from child abuse protection agencies small children were stopped being used as camel jockey. Camelracing robot are back in place and are being used in camel races.

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