Camel Racing History

Camel Racing History and what you should know about it! Camel racing in Qatar started back in the 1970’s and is considered to be the most integral pillar of its excellent tradition.  As mentioned earlier, the camel racing history started back in the 1970’s and is said that the tradition basically originated from local weddings as a source of entertainment. However, nowadays, camel racing Qatar is now a very highly paid business with lucrative revenues being offered with its operations.

Camel Races

People that keenly follow this sport come from all over the world to witness this magnificent event of camel races. Not only is this the case with the fans of camel racing, but also more and more camel jockey have been observed to show their interest for these events.
Having such an old camel racing history, the business has flourished to such high rewards that almost every camel jockey from all over the world tries his utmost best to participate and gain high pay outs from these events.

Camel racing history

Camel racing in UAE culture has its deep roots where the locals consider it to be the best source of entertainment for themselves. Many local families have their own stable for camel’s where these animals are bred, taken care and prepared for camel racing events.
Similarly, camel racing in UAE Qatar has been loved as a major source of entertainment in their weddings and many private events were also a part of the locals rich camel racing history.

Camel racing robot

Mostly, camel racing robot have been noticed to be used in these events but in recent days they were replaced by small children. However, when news arrived on the international scene that these small children were being subject to human abuses many countries like Qatar and UAE have now banned small children to participate in such events.

Camel jockey

Therefore it can be seen that adult trained camel jockey are being hired and allowed to take part in camel racing events.
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Camel races in Dubai

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Camel Races

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